About T-Detect

At Adaptive Biotechnologies, we’ve spent over a decade building our proprietary immune medicine platform to decode the adaptive immune system to learn how it naturally detects and fights a multitude of diseases.

Through a collaboration with Microsoft, we are using our platform and Microsoft’s AI and Machine Learning to develop a TCR-antigen map, a map of T cells, the first responders of the adaptive immune system to the antigens they bind. Using this data, we aim to translate the natural diagnostic capability of the immune system into the clinic.

When the pandemic hit, we turned our platform to COVID, to develop the first-ever T cell-based clinical test that can detect an immune response to recent or past COVID infection.

The T-Detect Approach

Development of the first T cell-based clinical test for COVID

Watch the video to learn how Adaptive developed the first T cell-based clinical test for COVID:

Using a set of identified “shared” T-cell Receptors (TCRs) that are seen across multiple infected individuals, we identified a T-cell signature that can be used to develop a clinical test.

In vitro diagnostic for prescription use only. This test has not been cleared or approved by the FDA. The T-Detect COVID Assay is available for use as a CLIA-validated laboratory developed test (LDT). T-Detect COVID is not indicated for use in patients under age 18.