Your employees want to know if they had COVID.

T cells have the answer.

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Your employees want to know if they had COVID.

T cells have the answer.

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Why T-Detect?

It can help you:

Give your employees peace of mind. Assess and improve your workplace safety procedures.
Support employees with lingering symptoms who never got tested or are unsatisfied with prior COVID testing.

It can also help your employees understand their past exposure, allowing them to make important decisions about their health.

Of the many COVID tests available, the T-Detect COVID Test is the first test that detects T cells to determine if you’ve had recent or past infection with COVID.

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Read the T-Detect COVID employer brochure.

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How it works

1. Prescription

Doctor orders the T-Detect COVID Test via our secure ordering portal.

2. Blood draw

Certified phlebotomist collects the blood sample and mails the kit back to us.

3. Results

We provide results to the doctor via our secure portal.

We’ll work with your organization to determine the ordering process that works best for your employees.

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Special pricing for the T-Detect COVID Test for employers due to the public health emergency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In vitro diagnostic for prescription use only. This test has not been cleared or approved by the FDA. The T-Detect COVID Assay is available for use as a CLIA-validated laboratory developed test (LDT). T-Detect COVID is not indicated for use in patients under age 18.

For Patients

The T-Detect COVID Test can detect past infection months after exposure.

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For Physicians

The T-Detect COVID Test can capture COVID infections that may be missed by serology testing.

For Researchers

The T-Detect COVID Test can support your research due to its high sensitivity and specificity.


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