T-Detect Lyme

Enabling accurate detection of early Lyme disease.

T-Detect Lyme

Enabling accurate detection of early Lyme disease.

Suspect your patient has early Lyme disease?

T-DetectTM Lyme reveals a patient’s adaptive immune system response to the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, Borrelia burgdorferi, and helps provide a reliable answer. 1

Standard two-tiered testing (STTT) may have lower sensitivity in detecting early Lyme disease.1-3

T-Detect Lyme Physicians 75 Negative
T-Detect Lyme Borrelia Burgdorfer

T-Detect Lyme can identify early Lyme disease with greater sensitivity than standard two-tiered testing (STTT).1


In a recent study, T-Detect Lyme showed 3 times greater sensitivity than the standard of care, STTT, in the first four days after symptoms appeared.1

In the clinical validation study, T-Detect Lyme showed 1.5 times greater sensitivity than STTT among patients with early Lyme disease.4

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T-Detect Lyme Specificity

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*Based on a population of endemic and non-endemic asymptomatic negative subjects.                      

T-Detect Lyme is not available in New York.

T-Detect Lyme is for prescription use only. For in vitro diagnostic use only. The CLIA laboratory-developed test (LDT) service has not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for this intended use. T-Detect Lyme is not indicated for use in patients under age 18.